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Are Vacuum food storage container dishwasher safe?

Vacuum food storage container is dishwasher safe (top rack) EXCEPT the vacuum device. Please ensure the LIDS had drain out all the water and dry before use. If any water still remain on lid’s value, it will damage the vacuum device.

If I wash lettuce and put it through a salad spinner, will it keep okay or just wait to wash it when I want to use it?

Any extra moisture will speed up the decaying process, so you should store the unwashed lettuce and washed it when you are ready to use.

Are these freezer safe?

Yes, container is freezer safe (-20 ֯C)

Can this FOSA unit (TURTLE) be used on FOSA rectangular containers?

Yes it can. FOSA vacuum unit (TURTLE) can be used for all vacuum food storage container and glass jug

Are these containers glass or plastic?

FOSA vacuum food containers are BPA free plastic.

Can this be microwaved without lids?

For warm up your food up to 85 ̊C in microwaved is appropriated

Is the vacuum unit battery powered?

Yes, the vacuum device needs 4 xAA size batteries which last for 250 times use for our standard size canister. We count enough for 3 months daily use. Very friendly for user.

Can these containers be used with other vacuum unit?

It cannot be used with other vacuum unit. FOSA vacuum pump (TURTLE) is a one button touch vacuum device and will automatically stop after done. It is much user friendly than any vacuum machine in the market.

Malaga Series – reusable vacuum zipper bag

What is the size of the FOSA vacuum zipper bag?

3 sizes available for different storage purpose
S size: 6″ x 10″/ 15 x 25cm
M size: 8″x12″/ 20 x 30.5cm
L size: 10″x14″/ 25 x 35.6cm

Are FOSA vacuum zipper bag BPA free?

FOSA vacuum zipper bag, vacuum canister, vacuum glass jug is BPA free, and are compliant with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and LFGB requirements.

Can FOSA vacuum zipper bag be used in Freezer?

FOSA vacuum zipper bag can be used in the freezer for short term (weeks) storage.

Can FOSA vacuum zipper bag be used in Sous Vide Slow Cooking?

FOSA vacuum zipper bag can be in Sous Vide Slow Cooking with max. temp. 70~80 Degree Celsius and the valve cannot be immersed in water. It is also not recommended to reuse the vacuum zipper bag after slow cooking.

How to clean FOSA vacuum zipper bag

FOSA vacuum zipper bag that previously contained fruits, vegetables, breads, dry goods, or desserts can be washed by hand and reused. Avoid the valve immersed in liquid as it may make the valve malfunction. FOSA vacuum zipper bag that contained raw meat, fish, eggs or un-pasteurized cheese should be discarded after use because they may contain invisible bacteria that will remain after washing. Bags that contained greasy or oily food should also be discarded, as they may be difficult to clean.