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INCLUDES: FOSA Vacuum Pump and 2 Reusable Large Containers; 1 x 78 oz (Dimensions 8.15 by 5.4 by 5.65 inches), and 1 x 34 oz (Dimensions 8.15 by 5.4 by 2.9 inches) KEEP FOOD FRESH LONGER: Reduce waste; preserves nutrients, flavor, and longevity of your food with the easy to use vacuum system. By removing most of the Oxygen you reduce the speed of...
FOSA Vacuum food Canisters – set of 2, 1×77.7oz (L8.14*W5.39*H5.63inch) and 1×33.8oz (L8.14*W5.39*H2.87inch); Vacuum unit is not included in this SKU Keep food fresher longer Cut off odor contamination and humidity Stackable canisters help create a well-organized kitchen BPA free and food grade plastic material used for canister ASIN: B0714L76M2
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